January 7, 2012

What allows me to feel more gratitude

I am more open to gratitude when I appreciate myself, rather than looking to others to feel validated or secure. I notice appreciating the hot water in the shower, the modern miracle of plumbing, the way the conditioner leaves my hair feeling like silk, the chance to shed the past as it swirls down the drain.

Taking the time each morning to do the simple act of pulling a tarot card, centering myself for a few minutes or an hour, depending on the demands of the day, leaves me feeling in a state of grace that gives me the strength and patience needed to drive in traffic, be kind to a client, negotiate with a teenager.

Reiki has certainly helped stay in a humbled state of deep gratitude, whether praying over my food or touching the feet of my client. In my sessions I go down on my knees, sending the energy through their body, but I visualize I am washing their feet with my hair, anointed them with holy oils, removing the thorns and nails, kissing the wounds until they are healed. Every one of my clients comes to me as a teacher, and in the silent moments I reflect upon the lesson be brought to me today, and I am always surprised when they hand me a check at the end of the session. No, I want to say, I should be paying you...

Learning how to take compliments gracefully, to say thank you genuinely, to send get well cards or simply hold someone in my thoughts, visualizing an infinity loop of energy connecting our hearts, keeps me open to gratitude.

A friend of mine posts her gratitude journal on facebook. This keeps me open, allows me to pause and reflect, to leave inhere comment box my own awareness of personal blessings, of choosing to look at life as positive. It is an antidote to all the postings about illness and war, outrage and despair that cycle across my screen.

Blessed be,