February 15, 2012

Sunday morning at the retreat

There is a smell of cinnamon in the kitchen, sleepy silent retreat participants wandering in for their first cup of coffee, I can see the dawn kissing the hills in the distance and I am grateful for a good nights sleep.

I dreamt I was ice skating with Mom, aware that boots needed to be tighter, enjoying the powerful glides as my legs crossed over, the satisfying bite on the ice.

I miss the cats and send them reikitty energy along with my other morning prayers, to Amber, to Scott and Lisa, my parents, Chip. I'm looking forward to reading my book later, no longer feeling pressured to get anything else done, I feel pleasantly relaxed and present.

Two people were meditating in the writing room this morning, as I slipped in to use the adjoining bathroom. I think about Lisa and Henry over in Thailand, what it is to meditate together, sharing energy and breath, sharing silence and stillness. I am grateful for this time to allow Chip and I do develop more comfortable silences, enjoy the quiet times, to sit with full awareness of the pulse of his hand in mine, the ways that whispers work and the beauty of maintaining eye contact.

Blessed be.