February 8, 2012

What might I have to give up to live with a grateful heart?

Sometimes it's a scratch
That I feel like itching
But I'm willing right now
To give up all my bitching

It might even
Be easier than I think
To really let go of
All the dishes in the sink

All day long
I fuss and I futter
I'm ready to give up
My emotional clutter

Ready to let go
Of my ideas of perfection
Ready to change
My personal reflection

I might have to
Give up complaining
And actually enjoy it
When it is raining

Feel my strength
Instead of groaning
Exercise my choices
Instead of moaning

Start responding
Instead of being reactive
Give up laziness
Instead being proactive

This is only a beginning
But it's a good start
Letting go of my ego
To live with a grateful heart

Blessed be.