March 28, 2012

Something I will give myself today

Permission. Permission to not turn on my cell phone until I reach Santa Cruz, knowing that there is nothing I could do if there was an emergency, and giving myself the luxury of time and trust that anything can wait.

Permission to sit with the cats and really connect, maybe read my book that I didn't get to this weekend, continuing my retreat and silence.

I will give my time and energy to others when I decide to turn on the computer, answer my emails. I will go and buy candy for the neighborhood kids, and give Chip as many kisses as possible. I will buy Dolores her favorite beer for taking care of the cats, and be surprised at what else I will end up giving.

What I give to the world today is my breath, sending out love and reiki to those who need it, whether or not I know them. I give my poems and writing on my blog, photos on facebook, with no idea who might be touched, who might choose to share what I have witnessed, what I have experienced.

Blessed be.