July 23, 2012

Hypnosis to Quit Smoking for Good

Hypnosis to Quit Smoking for Good
Smoking is an interesting habit - people quit smoking for as many reasons as they started smoking - and absolutely hypnosis is helpful in changing any habit. Hypnotherapy allows you to discover the deeper purpose behind smoking and how to fulfill that purpose in a new, healthier, deeply satisfying way. Because all of this is happening in your own mind, it is always the perfect right solution for you.

Some interesting facts: In breaking smoking cycle, it takes 3 days for the nicotine release; 21 days for the emotional release; and almost 2 years for the plaque build up to clear your arteries. Hypnosis is helpful for the immediate withdrawal symptoms; for processing the release of emotional toxins over the mid range; and for managing/decreasing stress in the long run.

I do a minimum of three sessions over one week to quit smoking for good. The first session is the “getting to know you” session, My intake includes looking at what is your main motivation, your 3 strongest reasons to quit; past success with quitting; support systems in your life; and what affirmations are you making now. Some examples: “I smell fresh”, “ I reach for health” and a personal favorite, “Every breath is a gift”.

During the first session I teach a simple, one minute self hypnosis technique that effectively anchors the feelings of whatever it is that smoking brings you into a part of the body. Repeating the technique while tapping that part of the body instantly brings you to that place, circumventing the need for an actual cigarette.

The second session is almost completely done in trance, and is to quit smoking entirely. This can include imagining all the future situations where you would be tempted to smoke and seeing yourself as a permanent nonsmoker. It also includes visualizing releasing all your smoking paraphernalia, from ash trays to lighters to packs or cartons of cigarettes. This reinforces your self-programming, especially when combined with your anchor.

The last session is a goodbye ritual, acknowledging how Father Tobacco has served you in life, and honoring Spirit of the Plants. I combine reiki in my sessions, using the energy to further dissolve any stagnation. According to chinese medicine, grief is stored in the lungs, and often folks who smoke are stuck in some sort of grief, and hypnosis allows for a symbolic death, mourning, and most importantly, moving on to reaffirm life.

Some folks feel it’s about having enough will power, but really I see it as changing wishful thinking into willful thinking. Feel the difference in saying out loud, “I wish I could stop smoking” and “I WILL stop smoking” When you say, “I will” your brain says, “How?” and is all excited to participate. The simple truth is: You will know when it is time to quit. I had one client come to quit smoking, which she did in 3 days, after over a year of weekly hypnotherapy sessions to address the real reason behind her smoking: stress (the proverbial smoke screen). Once she had built up the internal resources to manage her emotions and discovered ways to release her stress in a positive way, she was ready to let go of her smoking habit. Allow yourself all the time you need, and remember to embrace change as a doorway to a more peaceful existence.

I hope this is helpful. Call or email for an appointment when you are ready to quit smoking  for good!