August 15, 2012

Thoughts on Reiki

What is Reiki? A good question. I have been an astrologer and tarot reader for a number of years, and I noticed that during my sessions I would run incredibly hot. I learned to wear short sleeve shirts and slip off shoes even in winter, to send the nervous energy through my feet into the earth to be grounded for my client. Then I heard about Reiki, the passing of energy for the most beneficial good, and instantly became intrigued. It has been an amazing way to help my clients get unstuck, whether combined with hypnotherapy or as a modality on it's own.

Developed by Dr. Usui in the early 1900s in Japan, Reiki is one way to tap into universal energy and channel that energy into a being, space or situation. When I enrolled in my first course, I expected to learn some techniques much like my notion of learning massage. To my surprise, what we really did was about fifteen hours of meditation, after being attuned and learning secret symbols that facilitate the flow of energy and the release of blocks and negativity. I had a profound vision during my Reiki I class, that included being deeply in service and a vision of washing Jesus's feet with my hair, cleaning his wounds and assisting him. I was not brought up Christian, so this was a very unexpected. After this class, I was qualified to perform self reiki, to pass energy through my own body to facilitate relaxation and thus the healing process. I also noticed a new relationship with animals - cats would come running up to me in the street, a phenomenon I like to call reikitty.

After year of practice,  I went for Reiki II in order to learn how to assist others. Another fifteen hour meditation ensued, learning more symbols and becoming attuned to Reiki energy through the Reiki master. Once again I set my intention to being in service for my clients, and this time I saw myself before Mary Magdalene, washing her feet with my hair, wiping away her tears, knowing my role is to offer comfort and compassion to those who have suffered loss and grief.

And so I decided to go for my Reiki mastery, the ability to do distance healings as well as deepening my wisdom. I had been through a period of conflict and inner confusion, and I set the intention to experience clarity. On the second day of our atunements, nine women circled me on the massage table, the last one to receive the Reiki energy that day. One woman laid her hands on my temples, another on my ankles, the others forming a linking bridge to continuously pass energy through my being. Clarity, clarity, clarity, I chanted when Jim Carrey appeared...

Yes, Jim Carrey, snorting like crazy, a bottle of sinus medication in one hand, laughing at me, saying, "Clarity? You want Clarity? Try this for clariry, Kayla! Try lightening up!" Yes, how to cultivate lightheartedness, how to see humor in my situation, how to in ire my clients through the ultimate medicine, laughter.

I have a deep respect for Reiki and practice every day, both on myself and with my clients. But I always have a secret smile before we begin, blessing the situation in the name of Jesus, Mary and Jim...

Just for today...

I let go of anger, knowing I can gently express my inner needs
I let go of worry, choosing to trust that I have been heard
I am deeply thankful, to a kind and benevolent universe
I am focused on my work in creative and productive ways
I am kind and loving, to myself and all beings
I am willing to laugh, at myself and all that delights me...

Blessed Be.
(Adapted from the 5 principles of Reiki)