October 24, 2012

Art Through The Eyes of The Soul Oracle

 "As an artist my highest aspirations is the infusion of Spirit into matter."- Cheryl Yambrach Rose

Access mythic beings and divine entities that exist in sacred sites through the recently released Art Through The Eyes of The Soul Oracle, painted and written by Cheryl Yambrach Rose, published by US Games Systems. Fifty-two over sized cards with gilded sides have images from original oil paintings andare accompanied by 108 page guidebook. Romantic, visionary and inspiring, these cards provide mystical guidance as well as deep insights into personal solutions by meditating upon the image and the sacred texts provided.

Each card is anecdotal in itself, reminiscent of fairy tale illustrations combined with the tapestries that graced Avalon of old. An affirmation is written on each card, however the guide book provides an expanded meaning with history, mythology and suggestions for incorporating the wisdom offered in everyday life. Rose suggests drawing a single card for daily guidance, or a three card spread - present, influence and guidance. There are iPhone and iPad apps that do three card layouts as well.

After opening the deck for the first time, I smudge the cards with sage and carefully look through the deck, noticing which ones catch my attention, speak to my deeper self. Then I shuffle the cards over and over, infusing them with my energy while creating chaos in the random disbursement of cards. I do my own personal favorite layout. I pull the first card with my left hand, coming from the heart. The second is with my right hand, coming from my head. The third card I use two hands, combining my heart and head together, creating my soul's purpose.

Heart card - A priestess is pulling a purple hood from her face. She is arising from a turquoise sea, and her braids that did into the primordial water are really spirals of DNA. She wears a gold crown and in the background is the new moon clustered in the Pleiades. Entitled "Beneath the Veil of Sophia" this card affirms create, activate your DNA, let the arts be a catalyst to bringing ideas into form, to create from one's dreams and heart's wisdom.

Head card - An angel dressed in white robes and veil crosses her hands over her heart. Between the tips of her lavender wings we see the planet earth, while in her lap there is a gold medallion. This card is called "Earth Rapture" and posits protection, guidance, feelings of being cherished, universal love and the golden age being born.

Soul card - A woman stands at the base of a mountain holding a lamp and walking stick, looking towards the rising sun. This is "The Hermit" who is here to encourage sharing wisdom, speaking one's truth and shining one's light. New life is beginning to take form and wisdom is waiting to be taught.

These are sumptuous cards, the Godiva chocolate of oracle decks, meant to be savored slowly, shared only with those who truly appreciate the finer things in life. Gift yourself or a loved one if you are a connoisseur of mythic art and would like to experience excellence in spiritual portraiture.

Blessed be.