December 12, 2012

Peace Mandala

For my master's degree, I took an elective on mandala art. We worked from a few texts, my favorite being Mandala: Luminous Symbols for Healing by Judith Cornell, PhD. I will be posting my own mandalas here on my blog, and encourage you to create your own. It was therapeutic, engaging, and most importantly, fun! I used colored pencils on black construction paper, both purchased from my local art store.

After blessing my materials, I sat to contemplate a healing symbol, my intention being to focus on peace. Of course, the peace symbol popped up in my mind's eye, and I created a large white peace sign centered on the page.

Next, I outlined the peace symbol in rainbow colors. I filled the background with vines and roses. I felt this was a very useful tool in a current conflict, and can easily see myself sharing the image with them now to literally bring peace to the situation.