February 13, 2013

Looking Through Old Journals

What is in your old journals?
Once I was a diamond in the rough
Life was hard and life felt tough
Times I felt fragmented, times I felt shattered
Ultimately I found out what really mattered

Cutting away what was simply not sublime
Polishing my edges, simply tailing the time
Like a precision jeweler, chipping away the past
Revealing the heart of the jewel that really does last

My burdens, my woes, all of my stressors
Let this lump of coal do good under pressure
I have many facets and each of them shines
I own all my flaws, they are uniquely mine

Sometimes cold, sometimes hard, always brilliant
My jeweled tones have become more resilient
Times I am humble, times quite ferocious
I know now that I am always precious

I am sparkly and glittery, something quite rare
It took years and years of work to get me there
What was once simply a part of the earth
Now knows her true self her diamond self worth

Everyday I can take care of body and soul
Exercise my mind and exercise my health
In looking through my old journals what I discover:
I have always been engaged with my self.