February 2, 2013

What is Reiki?

What is Reiki? Good Question!

It's always interesting for me to receive a Reiki session, as I am reminded why my clients like it so much. Reiki is extremely subtle, deeply relaxing and rejuvenating to the core. It is a perfect modality for anyone who doesn't like to be touched,whether from fibromyalgia or emotional issues. Reiki helps to clear stuck energy, feelings of being blocked and mental stagnation. Much like jump starting a car, the gift of Reiki can jump start your life after a draining experience. The other metaphor is that of tuning up a musical instrument - Reiki helps to harmonize the soul.

But what is Reiki exactly? You really have to experience it for your self. Definitions abound from the laying on of hands to energy work. Indeed, Reiki can be done with a light physical touch to distance healings. Anyone can tap into Reiki as a gift of beneficial energy.

Practitioners go through a series of attunements and teaching.Then like any skill, it's all about practice, practice, practice. On your self, on your pets, your friends and family, and yes, I have even done Reiki on a jammed up photocopying machine (the WAY of the paper, the WAY of the paper...). All healing is self healing and Reiki is a way to hold the space and the higher vision for that healing to occur.

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