April 17, 2013

8 Ways Hypnosis can Reduce Stress

8 Ways Hypnosis can Reduce Stress

Imagine holding a drinking glass half full of water. Ask yourself, what do you see here? Is this glass... 8oz or 12oz? Either way, it only weighs a little. But if you hold it for 15 minutes, your arm will shake, after an hour, the arm will go numb, and after a day you will need to be hospitalized. Imagine the water is stress. Even if you only have a little, you need to be able to put it down now and then.

Who do you know who is stressed? Hypnotherapy helps you manage your stress, rather than having your stress manage you. It's the ability to go inside yourself and discover answers. Indeed, hypnotherapy provides every day solutions for every day problems. It provides a means to make a more empowered choice, aligning the head and heart in making the best decision in the moment.

One definition of stress in the need to make a decision. Life is continuously full of decisions, including career changes, moving locations, getting married, getting divorced, deciding to get pregnant, you know, every day problems. Really, once we have made up our mind, we know what to do. It's the weighing of options that can weigh us down, and using hypnosis is an extremely effective way to release doubt, especially self doubt, as well as to affirm life continuously improving through stressful times.

Now stress serves a purpose. Think of the stress in a guitar sting. It requires a certain amount of tension to be in tune. Too much stress, and the string will break. Too little, and will sound dull and flaccid. Our psyches also benefit from regular tunings to create feelings of internal harmony and well being.

Here are eight ways that hypnosis can help you reduce and manage stress:

1.Hypnosis is a relaxed, focused state of concentration where you can put your whole being -mind, body and soul- into the process. It is a way to create an action plan, find encouragement and experience accountability. Ask yourself, what would really make you happy?

2. Learn and use the Simple Self Hypnosis technique to experience the feeling of calm, relaxed, peaceful and tranquil whenever you like, whether in a bored meeting or stuck in traffic, running late or waiting for someone.

3. Change triggers to release positive feelings. Example, meter maids in Canada would perceive insults as the highest praise. What are your buttons and how would you like to respond differently?

4. Contain and dispose of old toxic emotions that add to personal burden, such as guilt, shame, powerlessness, jealousy, victim hood, manipulative, greed and poor self esteem. What old patterns of behavior are you ready to dispose of now?

5. Learn the real pause that refreshes. By going inside for a few minutes, discover making better food choices,finding the motivation to exercise, having a moment to change a habitual reaction into a kind and loving response. Where in your life do you need some breathing room?

6. Make decisions with confidence and ease having spent the time exploring all the possibilities and options with full focus and attention. Sometimes when at the crossroads, it's important to consult a guide.

7. Go on a fantasy vacation and visit the Club Med in your head. Experience deep relaxation with feelings of plenty of time to simply unwind, let go and enjoy.

8. Change old habits that were once coping mechanisms such as smoking, eating for comfort, nail biting etc that actually cause more stress than they release into new, healthy habits.

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