April 6, 2013

What happens during Reiki?

Revitalize with Reiki
What happens during a Reiki session? A lot of people are wondering...

Usually during a reiki session, I start at the clients feet and work my way up to the crown chakra then back down to the feet again. I hold two points with my fingers and will feel two different pulses. I pass energy through my hands, first one way then the other, until I feel the pulses match up. That is when I know it is time to move my hands.

The points are the bottoms of the feet, knees, sides of the hips, solar plexus, collar bones, elbows, wrists, jaw bone, temples and crown of the head. Some people do not want any touch, so I will hover my hands an inch or so above that point instead. Some people talk during the session, others drift into sleep or go into a meditative trance. Often we do guided meditations although silence is one of the most powerful healers. The experience is generally soothing, calming, and deeply relaxing.

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