May 29, 2013

What I love about my life right now

I love working in the mornings and coming home to long afternoons completely by my self, well, of course, with the cats. I love driving Amber to school. I love that she is about to start the adventure known as college, I am equal parts proud and scared, the empty nest looms on the horizon, making me grateful for this day.
I love being in my beautiful house, which is clean, tidy and organized, colorful and bright, full of joy, sunlight, plants and crystals. I love my garden, I love planning on how to make it even better. I love improving my life. 
I love my phd program and learning, learning, learning, creating for myself the time to read. I love being a teacher, I love my students, I love imparting information and empowering others. 
I love my work, I love my clients, I love seeing them change before my eyes as they tune in to their true nature and are also empowered. 
I love my body, I feel strong and healthy, I love my clothes and I love wearing essential oils. I love my cats, that goes without saying. Again I think, I love Amber, watching her blossom before me, I love watching tv together and going out for French fries, quiet times driving in the car listening to the oldies ie my generation, the eighties on the radio. 
I love having Chip in my life, I love our communication, our dance, the ways we come together and move apart during the week, someone I don't take for granted and always feel blessed to spend the time together. I love that we take ballroom dance classes and I love, love, love that we will be married. I love being in love, I love feeling happy.