August 21, 2013

Reiki as Vibrational Healing

Raise Your Vibration
Reiki as Vibrational Healing

Reiki is a form of vibrational healing, and I am always aware of raising my vibration to the highest octave in order to inspire and tune my client's vibration.

I purify myself each morning after exercising, picking essential oils such as jasmine and rose for their superior qualities. I choose my clothes carefully, noticing the days where I reach for blacks and grays and consciously choosing more vibrant colors, deep purples and reds.

The colors in the office are soft and muted, as is both the lighting and music. Soft flannel sheets and a warmy blanket are on the massage table. The ambiance is muted, a hybrid of temple and a spa.

After a brief intake, the client removes their shoes and lies on the table fully dressed, either on top or under the blanket. I have them take a few deep cleansing breaths, set an affirmation, and begin the energy work with the intention for the highest good.

Most clients describe Reiki as a warm, relaxing glow that permeates their body, bringing deep relaxation, release and a sense of contentment, that all is well. it is in this relaxed state that they usually discover solutions, ways of beings, and steps to continue to create ease in their lives. I have worked with mothers who have lost their children, fathers who are angrgry at being disrespected, adult children of alcoholics breaking the chains of the past, teenagers forging new patterns of their own making. In each case, I feel humbled, grateful to be included in their process, and always filled with an indescribable feeling of hope and optimism. Indeed, all is well.

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