October 9, 2013

Crystal Healing Meditation

I began the meditation by sitting quietly in my office and doing some deep breathing, moving into a body tour for complete relaxation, then finding myself in my usual "safe space" when I go into trance. In my minds eye, I could see myself sitting in the backyard at my favorite table, sun on my skin, the sound of hummingbirds in the air. A dozen strands of gemstones were heaped up on the table, a little knotted and confused. I began to untangle them, separating out the strands and putting them in order of the rainbow.

When I asked for a guide, my friend Cheryl came through the gate. Cheryl and I had worked together at a metaphysical bookstore about twenty years ago, when I first started learning about crystal healing. We held hands briefly, and then she started to pick up the various strands and put then around my neck.

First was a strand of golden amber, and I felt my solar plexus responding to the warm tones, filling me with a sense of timelessness and vitality. My daughter's name is Amber, and I have also been working with the norse goddess Freya, who wears an amber necklace, so there were many layers of meaning to this gemstone for me. Next was a strand of pale purple amethyst, and felt both my crown chakra and third eye vibrating with the soft lavender, feeling a clearing of my mind and all of my worries. I have several large chunks of amethyst in my house, placed according to feng shui principles to enhance the flow abundance and prosperity. Last was a long strand of deep red garnet which went all the way down to my belly button. I felt both rooted and grounded, purified and cleansed. Seven years ago, I choose the name "Garnet" to be my middle name, a stone I have always loved more than rubies, one that I associate with passion, vitality and the ability to thrive.

I wound the three strands together and pondered how I could use these three gemstones on working with my clients. Raising my own vibration to the highest frequency is clearly important, but I could also see myself laying the strands on my clients' bodies during both hypnotherapy and reiki sessions. I saw myself carrying the necklaces down to the ocean and using the salty sea water to rinse them of past vibrations. I thanked Cheryl for the visitation and the messages, pleased to connect with my friends, human and mineral, after so many years. I began my count up, eager to go home and find my gemstone strands.

Over the next three days I made six different necklaces, five bracelets and six pairs of earrings combining the amethyst, amber and garnet chips with crystal, tigers eye, orange carnelian and sterling silver beads. Next I plan to make some jewelry using green peridot and to find some blue stones to complete the chakra set. I really loved this meditation and feel it is one of the ones I will apply the most, both in my personal healing and in working with clients. Blessed be.