November 27, 2013

Thanksgiving Blues

Got a bunch of pumpkin,
Mushed up in a can,
Tomorrow gonna bake it,
 In a baking pan.
Add some cinnamon,
 Ginger and clove,
Get it really spicy,
Pop it in the burning stove.

Getting ready for Thanksgiving,
Really wanting to give thanks.
Thank goodness we are done with
All the Halloween pranks.
Still time to get out the winter 
Holiday sparkly lights,
Before getting into
All the traditional family fights.

One child is an adult,
But acting like they are two.
Throwing a tantrum,
 Thank goodness, not the food.
The distant cousin is bitter,
Not in a cocktail way...
And who knows what my aunt
 In Italy will say.

My parents will be appalled
I gained so much weight.
I'll try to focus on the love
And ignore all the hate.
I see my brother and his wife
Maybe once or a twice a year.
We are quite distant
Yet in my heart we are near.

Yes, we talk about peace 
And goodwill to men.
But we're ready to bomb, 
Whether foreigners or pathogens.
We feel completely entitled, 
So self righteous.
When the truth is Mr Rogers
Would just tell us all to shush...

There is plenty for everyone, 
All we need to do is share.
There is plenty for all, 
All we need to do is care.
So remember this thanksgiving,
 It's not about which team scores
It's about asking your self
 To spread the love even more.