May 14, 2014

Pre-Surgery Hypnosis

I worked with a client who had lost one of his eyes to cancer. He was going to have an intensive surgery procedure to seal the empty socket shut so that he could go back to surfing. He was going to be sedated for ten days and in the hospital for thirty days.

We did eight sessions of "acu-hyp" - hypnosis during an acupuncture session. He focused on letting go of his anger at the failure of his five past surgeries and the stress of his divorce, as well as affirming that he had always been a fast healer and that his body would respond to the new grafts.

Well, he was only sedated for one day and out of the hospital in ten days! You can imagine the enormous savings on the hospital bill. It is amazing to me that insurance will not pay for hypnosis when it is so effective in accelerating the healing process.

If you or someone you know is going into surgery, consider the benefits of hypnosis as a part of your process. Feel free to call or email with any questions!



Dr. Kayla Garnet Rose, PhD, CHT
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