June 18, 2014

Edgar Cayce and Healing with Crystals

Healing with Crystals and Gemstones
Edgar Cayce believed that every living body emanates both physical and spiritual vibrations which produces different tones, much like the vibration that is created when the string of a musical instrument is played. He recommended gemstones, metals and minerals in his life readings as they can give off particular vibrations, such as color, and can raise the tone of the body to a higher vibration with healing results.

Energy medicine works by raising the vibrations in the body and by releasing blockages caused by emotional traumas or health issues. In Eastern thought there are seven primary energy centers, known as chakras, that relate to certain organs and human needs, each with an associated color. These energy vortexes can be activated for healing using vibrational medicine. We also have several subtle energy fields around our bodies, including the astral, mental and causal layers, which energy medicine can help to tune, open up, release, transform and heal these layers by enlivening and energizing them.

Some well known people with nervous system disorders include Dudley Moore who died from Super-Nuclear Palsy, Roger Ebert who had Bell's Palsy, and Michael J. Fox who has Parkinson's disease. These may have been prevented by helping their bodies adapt to rapidly changing environmental vibrational frequency shifts and supporting them emotionally during life changes. Rhodonite is recommended as a healer of the emotional heart, to mend the past and to feel peace about future changes while raising one's overall vibration, and as an assistant during times of transitions.

Cayce warned us against using the crystal as a good luck charm because he perceived it not as an omen but as a helpful influence. Cayce believed that the crystal acts to raise the energy naturally of the wearer rather than attributing it's influence to some supernatural phenomenon. The clear, colorless nature can increase the frequency of any of the chakras and thus can be used to amplify any vibration. Cayce encouraged keeping crystal close to the body in order to tune into the vibrations that were needed for the entity.

Coral was so important to the life readings as Cayce perceived that it would tune people in to the healing forces of water, help in creativity, protect highly intuitive/sensitive people from harmful vibrations and bring quiet and rest to the body. Coral is used to enhance spiritual aspects and spiritual imports, to calm disturbing influences, and to tap into the Creative Forces. He recommend that the coral touch the body, for example a necklace, bracelet, or mounting that allowed the coral to make direct contact with the flesh of the wearer.

Cayce especially recommended the use of Lapis. Three kinds of Lapis are 1) Lapis Lazuli, well known in Egypt for decorating the coffins of the Pharaohs and used for psychic development, general health and protection 2) Lapis Ligurius, found on the northwest coast of Italy and could be an old wold word for zircon, a green stone used for protection rite, chrysocolla, or turquoise. Possibly larimar as well.

I enjoy incorporating gemstones into my treatments as well as in my aromatherapy sprays in order to raise my client's vibrations, much like tuning a fine violin. Call or email for more information or to schedule an appointment for a crystal healing today.