June 4, 2014

​The Holistic Tarot: Threes for Energy and Creativity

Threes in the Tarot represent the offshoot, creativity, expression, the trinity, focus, support, growth, and joy. One of the most iconic cards, the Three of Swords in the Rider-Waite shows a red heart pierced by three swords, rainy storm clouds in the background. This is the card of heartache caused by mental anguish, the story of every three way relationship. In The Housewives Tarot we see a frosted cake sliced by three serving knifes with the message of “any relationship that causes chronic heartburn should be sliced out of your life” (Kepple and Buffum 71).

The Empress Tarot Card On a more positive note, the archetype of Threes is found in the Major Arcana cards: III-The Empress shows a woman in a floral gown lounging on a throne, a crown of stars in her hair, a large symbol of Venus planet of love and attraction. In the Daughters of the Moon we see a woman giving birth on top of an elephant, a snake winding about a branch above her. This is the card of potential, pregnancy and possibilities, the female archetype of the Great Mother and a time for rebirth. Holistic recommendations when pulling card with the number three is to find creative outlets, including play, sports, artistic, and musical pursuits.