July 2, 2014

​The Holistic Tarot: Fours represent Stability

Four equidistant points in space create a square, symbol of solidification, foundation, stability, hard angles, tension, security, maturity, the four directions, the four elements, resolving conflicts by integrating needs, and organization. In the Osho Zen Tarot we discover the image of “The Miser” in the Four of Pentacles, a theme repeated in the Rider-Waite deck where we see a king holding tight onto his coins. IV-The Emperor in the Rider-Waite is the archetype of the male principle, shown in full armor while sitting rather stiffly on a throne which has bulls, sign of Taurus, carved on the arms and back, full of power and full of responsibilities, stable yet rigid at times. 

In The Tarot for Transformation we find the archetype of The Green Man, “the living intelligence of nature, shape-shifting into various forms” (Arlenea and Cori 25). Recommendations when pulling a Four is to create a positive discipline for one's self, with realistic expectations and support.