August 13, 2014

Hypnosis for Self Sabotage

Do you find that you self sabotage relationships, goals, or your health? Do you pick arguments, blow off deadlines, or generally show up late? Is procrastination your modus operandi?

If you answered yes, I think you will really get a lot out of hypnosis, as it is the perfect way to explore your inner landscape, notice the patterns, choose to weed out old ways of thinking and in particular guilt, then both plant and nourish the seeds of true love, which always starts with self love.

Self sabotage comes from self protection, so I would suggest some work on good boundaries, as well as releasing the dynamics from your past relationships. We can also discuss soul contracts and past life regression to see what will be the most beneficial. 

I usually combine Reiki and chakra balancing with the hypnosis which help release blocks, enhance your psychic abilities, and facilitate the process. I will teach you a self hypnosis technique so you can access that state at any time. All hypnosis is self hypnosis, all healing is self healing. The nice thing about working with a hypnotherapist is the feeling of being coached spiritually and encouraged on your path of discovery. Much like you can massage yourself, but it always feels better to have a massage therapist work on you. Indeed, I think of hypnosis as a form of mental massage. It feels relaxing and refreshing and helps to work out the kinks in your brain!

Let me know if you would like an appointment.