September 3, 2014

Distance Healing with Reiki

Reiki combines Passion and Compassion
Distance Healing with Reiki

A few years ago I was going through hard time, so I contacted my teacher for a Reiki session. To my surprise, she had moved to the mid west. She suggested a distance healing and we agreed upon a time and day. At the appointed time, I lay down my bed and began doing self Reiki. Simply knowing that someone else was also sending me Reiki was hugely comforting.

I do believe that all healing is self healing, yet one of the benefits of working with a Reiki practitioner is having the support from additional resources. The knowledge that someone was holding the space for me to do the work, sending me beneficial energy, and most importantly, holding the higher vision, was inspirational and insightful.

The next day she called to check in and tell of her experience, which I also found useful in my process. After this I began to offer distance sessions in my practice as I found it so personally beneficial.

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