December 10, 2014

Letting Go of Over-Commitments

'Tis the season of over-commitments. Parties, lunches, family obligations, gifts... where do you feel over-commitment? What are you willing to let go, in order to really experience peace on earth?

I have a little rock that years ago I painted with "Yes" on one side, "No" on the other. Sometimes I use it like flipping a coin, other times it stays on my desk to affirm my "Yes" or affirm my "No" as a practice in good boundaries. As I played with it yesterday I had the insight that when I say "Yes" to a commitment I don't really want to do, the "No" side is facing me. Conversely, when I say "No" to someone/something, I am saying "Yes" to myself.

It is okay to disappoint people - just say that your plate is full right now. You don't need to apologize, make excuses, lie or feel guilty. Practice having good, clear boundaries and you will be treated with respect and both honor and enjoy the commitments that mean the most to you.

If you need help in letting go of commitments and discovering your own personal priorities and boundaries, give me a call. I'm here as your coach and to give you all the heartfelt encouragement you need.



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