February 25, 2015

Pisces The Mermaid

I am she who goes with the flow,
I know when to surface as well as the depths below,
I'm familiar with the tides both high and low,
I play in the sunshine and bask in the the moon's glow.

I have many stories, yes I know many tales,
I'm friends with the wind and all who set sails.
I swim with the dolphins, otters and great whales,
I ride out the storm and laugh in the gales.

I know where sunken treasure lies in the deep.
I know many secrets, all of them I keep.
Some fill me with joy, some make me weep.
All acts of faith start with a leap.

My beauty is a legendary, over time it does not fade.
I adorn myself with coral, pearls and Jade.
Come out to the ocean, in the shallows where I wade.
I'm here for you - Pisces, The Mermaid.