June 10, 2015

Money Tree Meditation Workshop

Money Tree Meditation
  • Ready to plant some seed money?
  • Want to weed out your old debts?
  • Desire to watch your investments grow?
If the answer is yes, then this is the right workshop for you! Discover how to change your wishful thinking into willful thinking.

Explore the roots of personal prosperity and how to blossom and thrive. Bring a journal and a pen. Thursday, June 18, 9:30 am to 11:30 am.

Engage both your right brain and your left brain in an interactive program with Kayla Garnet Rose, PhD, Certified Hypnotherapist, designed to activate greater abundance and prosperity into your life.

 Loosely based on the book, The Medicine Woman’s Guide to Being in Business for Yourself: How to Live by Your Spiritual Vision in a Money-Based World by Carol Bridges, this group is open to ALL women and men seeking to create more affluence while maintaining a high level of integrity and a spiritual focus. We will focus on creating abundance and prosperity through guided meditations, interactive exercises and group synergy.

Bring a journal and a pen.

$20 drop in, materials provided. Limit 9 participants. Call or email for directions to Kayla's westside office.

The Westside Prosperity Circle offers monthly workshops to engage your creative spirit in an interactive program that will activate greater abundance and prosperity into your life.

Each workshops includes a meditation on abundance, lecture on a tool for prosperity, group exercise and check in. Participants are encouraged to post their work on Meetup.com.

“Kayla Garnet Rose is a gifted healing practitioner. She combines her deep knowledge of ancient wisdom with today’s busy lifestyle challenges to help her clients find a more centered and balanced way of being.” -Tera Threewit, CMT, Scotts Valley, CA

Call (831) 435-5182 to register today!