July 9, 2015

Crystal Healing

     Today I had the pleasure of working with a gentle man doing a combination of crystal healing and Reiki. He brought in a couple of dozen crystals, including strands of sunstone, orbs of pyrite and calcite, a heart made of labradorite, agate, malachite, fluorite, moldavite, and a tiny ceramic buddha as well as others. Some he had acquired, others had been gifted from family, including a lovely crystal wand from his mother.

The intention was to both clear the stones as well as to attune them to the client's frequency, much like tuning a guitar, or even better, a symphony, combining the different energies into a synergetic whole. This was in order to create more clarity, harmony and personal resonance with every one of these power pieces, as well as to tune each corresponding chakra.

After going through every one, their meaning and significance, we discussed various cleansing methods. Clear crystals tend to need more clearing, as they tend to hold onto energy, while darker stones are more proficient in transforming and grounding energies. In simplistic terms, think about how we breathe out carbon dioxide, which plants absorb and then release oxygen, which of course we then breathe in. Some plants act as better filters than others, and of course have their own particular properties (herbs and spices are a good example). Gemstones are the same way, absorbing and releasing energies. Never fear that you are putting "negative" energies into a gemstone, indeed, it's "purpose" is to transform that energy.

Next, the client laid down on the massage table, face down. I placed the various stones, strands, orbs and points along the spine, shoulder blades and in the hands. Then I began Reiki at the feet, working up the body and back down, tuning the chakras. This was empowering, first, for the body/mind, to enhance balance in every aspect of the being.  Second, for every one of the crystals to vibrate in its higher power, releasing any old stuck energies and creating an opening for fresh healing.

I love doing this kind of healing. I have worked with gemstones ever since I was 22, back when I was at Aries Arts in Capitola and would go over to Dragginwood to buy pocket friends. In essence, we all love having a "pet rock". Often we are recommended to "take more minerals" and I feel the best way to this is through touch, to absorb the minute trace elements, whether wearing a necklace or amulet, medicine bag or bracelet.

Let me know if you are interested in a crystal healing - either with your own collection or mine. Amber for love, quartz for clarity, obsidian to dispel negativity - the stones are here as our friends, allies, and companions in aligning our bodies, healing the earth, and creating a more harmonious vibration for generations to come.

Blessed be.