July 15, 2015

Good Morning Habits

Today's Affirmation: I allow myself order and routine.

We often think of hypnosis being used to break a bad habit, like smoking, biting nails or overeating. However, hypnotherapy is also effective in creating  long term life style changes by cultivating good habits, such flossing teeth, regular exercise, and using turn signals at intersections. Indeed, we are creatures of habit, but it begins with a mindfulness, awareness, and a willingness to change. Creating healthy habits is a way to release anxiety and manage stress. They can be comforting, calming, and empowering by promoting self care which creates self reliance.

For developing morning habits, getting up early is key. I was a late sleeper until my early thirties. Then, after having a kid, I discovered that getting up early was my secret time to myself. Now my daughter is 19 and in college, but I still like getting up an hour before my partner and having time to meditate, journal, stretch, etc. It has definitely become a habit, even if I go to bed late. It is way easier for me to add to morning habits - last December I struggled with adding flossing to my evening routine, and still now am using my phone reminder.

Here are my "good morning" habits:
  • Wake up with the dawn to the crowing of cats
  • Make green tea
  • Check emails, play on computer 20 minutes (I used to spend 90 minutes, one great habit change from the September module)
  • Meditate, journal
  • Work out - 30 minutes cardio, 15 minutes stretches, 5 minutes strength exercises
  • Get washed and dressed - use a moisturizer with sunscreen in it
  • Make the bed, tidy the house
  • Take my herbs and supplements
There is some variation, day to day, depending on what time my first client arrives - I try to schedule my work day to start at 10:30am, but sometimes I see clients at 8 or 9am. On Wednesdays I have a 7:30am business meeting, so I meditate and work out usually in the early afternoon. On weekends, my partner and I meditate together, and we either walk or hike for an hour or two, so I use that for my exercise, but I still do stretches at some point.

The one glaring habit that is missing? Eating breakfast! I have not eaten breakfast on a regular basis since junior high. I know it is so good for the body. Wednesdays I go out with my colleague after our meeting, but otherwise I tend to brunch - eating a pretty solid meal around 11:30am before my noon client. Time for some self-hypnosis, Kayla!

What good habits would you like to cultivate?