August 12, 2015

Cuddle Meditation

A couple of years ago my sweetie and I went to some workshops on sexuality at our local (and tasteful) adult toy store, Pure Pleasure. The best thing we got out of it was "cuddle meditation" which we have now practiced consistently for two and a half years.

In the mornings, we tend to drink our tea and read/play on the computer for an hour or so. Then we go back upstairs and brush our teeth. Next we get back into bed (no clothes or pjs), and usually I lie on top of (since I'm smaller). We breathe together, hum, giggle, connect chakras, belly laugh, hold silence, and sometimes make love. This can last five to forty-five minutes, depending on work schedules, etc.

The effect has been incredibly positive. We both come from and practice very different spiritual beliefs, and this is way that we can "pray" together. We don't live together and only spend together time Friday through Monday. The first two years of our relationship the distance and separateness was an added strain. Since doing cuddle meditation, we both feel more calm and connected during the week, with much less insecurity and jealousy issues.

Also, when we do have conflict, we both take turns to speak our truth, then end up doing cuddle meditation. The next morning during cuddle meditation we check in to see if we had resolution and completion. This feels very safe, vulnerable and intimate, all at the same time. I highly recommend it.

Have you cuddled mindfully today?