June 16, 2016

Temple of Laphrodite Mini Magic Spells

Yay! As my final project for The Creatress Salon (a 12 week course working with coaches, artists, healers and musicians) I created a mini deck of cards: Temple of Laphrodite Mini Magic Spells: Tiny Meditations and Healing Affirmations.

Using my favorite sayings and my own photos, these 25 little cards printed on extra sturdy cardstock are perfect for your altar on the go. 

Simply breathe, focus, choose a card, reflect, rinse repeat. Available in a repurposed tin box or colorful gauze bag, just the right size for purse or backpack.

I made a limited amount available for our Creatress Salon on Thursday, June 23, or you can order them here.

Commemorative Tin Box $15
Gauze Bag $10
(+$5 for shipping/handling)

All proceeds go towards The Artemis Project, which envisions a world of healthy, empowered girls that grow up supported to become self-actualized women.

I will be participating in four different performance pieces in the upcoming Creatress Salon. It is our last hurrah - I'm in a dance piece, short skit, singing, and performing a personal monologue - wahooo! And I sure would love to see your smiling facing in the audience!

The four month class was designed to encourage creativity through a system of support, grounding, clearing, and manifestation.  I wanted to work on my tarot deck, and these cards are my prototype for a bigger project. Please join us!

The Creatress Salon
Thursday, June 23 7:30pm
Pacific Cultural Center
Sliding scale donation $10-20

I sure do hope to see you there!