July 11, 2016

New Moon in Cancer

A week ago today was the New Moon in Cancer, sign of the Crab. Are you feeling stuck between your shell and a hard place? Crack open your sense of humor and find the strength in being vulnerable, the sacred in the mundane. Nourish yourself as much as those around you, and remember to practice self care.

Feeling crabby lately? Side stepping the issues? “Discontent is the first step towards progress”. So many folks seem so unhappy lately, this quote sprang to mind. If you're happy with life, one doesn't change. It's only when we're unhappy that we do start to change - look at health care!

If you feel stuck in a rut, reach out - to a friend, a healer, your senator, etc. Take action rather than choosing to remain depressed. Change is our friend! There is a feeling of universal exasperation, but all displeasure is released with good information, and the true opportunity lies in dealing with what’s in front of you, rather than acting like a victim.

Remember to begin with small, gentle adjustments, and the slower the change, the more real and long lasting the results.

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