August 2, 2016

New Moon in Leo

New Moon in Leo today, sign of the Lion. Whether you were proud to be an American on the 4th of July or proud of your transgender child at a Gay Pride Parade, now is the time to find out what you are proud of in your life. Your ancestry? Your sports team? Your college? Your accomplishments? And who is in your pride- your family, your colleagues, your co-workers, your classmates? Throw one big ol' party in the name of peace this summer, and remember to invite me.

Sauntering into late summer, the new moon in Leo purrs like a kitten, playful and free. This is the time to fire up and communicate your true nature, as the universe is calling upon you to expand your awareness.

What do you want to show the world? Taking others into consideration is an art. Take time to cultivate listening. Start a gratitude journal and share your blessings with those you love.

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