September 14, 2016


I received this lovely email from one of my hypnobirthing clients:

Dear Kayla,

THANK YOU! I used my pain "knob" which is a camera lens many times and turned it up to a yellow in color and then down to a blue to show myself I could shift the level I was feeling. I also put myself in my belly with her and went through a contraction with the pressure with her and told her we were doing it together I was right there holding her hand. I could not believe how the two helped manage the pain and get through it.

It was magical and perfect! At the very beginning of my labor I tried to do self hypnosis on myself and visualize my camera lens and it going to blue for my pain. Even though  the contractions got strong and may have been uncomfortable and every 2-3 minutes, I was completely fine and as soon as I felt it get strong in a contraction I just visualized my camera lens and turning the lens down to blue and it would help me refocus/redirect my pain and smooth it out.

At eleven and a half hours I thought wow this is not going as quick, smooth etc as I had hoped since I was still only 6 cm, but I was fine managing the discomfort. Once I hit that last 10 minutes when I completely dilated in my head I actually thought, "wow there is no way this is happening, I can get through this! That was so easy I just went from 6 to 10 in less than 15 minutes and now I just have to push her out!" And then a minute and a half later she was laying on me. I realized all in those quick moments this was everything I needed and hoped it would be and that it could not possibly have been a smoother easier labor. Even though it was 12 hrs and Iylees was 6.5, this one was actually much easier, quicker due to amount of actual active labor and less painful then Iylees birth.

So again Thank You, I feel that your support and guidance was a huge
factor in such a smooth, easy labor. Oh even Adam said during labor
once or twice, "honey are you doing your hypnosis, don't forget to use
your camera lens." It was awesome!


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