October 30, 2016

New Moon in Scorpio

New Moon in Scorpio today, sign of the Scorpion. Days are getting shorter, nights are getting chillier, there's a crisp smell in the air as our feet crunch the dead leaves scattering the sidewalks. Kids are getting ready for their favorite night of the year, and now is the time to look at the masks you wear.

Scorpionic energy abounds, and we all cluster together like the gossips at the well, the hags around the cauldron. The power of the spoken word to cause harm is very much in the air. We all have the capacity to manipulate and power play, so choose to empower others and remain in alignment with your deeper values, morals, and ethics.

Scorpio also allows us to review not just our dirty laundry but our psychic lingerie. What makes you feel super sexy? What ignites your romantic passion? Remember, nothing is more attractive than desire.

Halloween is full of ghosts and demons, masks and charades, November has us honoring our ancestors with Day of the Dead, a time of intense transformations.

 Today, during the new moon in Scorpio, ask yourself where your deepest transformation is occurring - in your career, relationship or health?

 The past comes back in flashes of dreams, bringing up buried half promises and unfulfilled relationships. Where do you want to go this lifetime? What will satisfy you now? Tie up loose ends and feel foot loose and fancy free again. The Universe is shining a light and it is up to you whether to get lost in the shadows or to transform your darkest fears. Tap into your Phoenix self and find guidance in the stars.

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