December 21, 2016

7 Tips for Weight Management with Hypnosis

Ho ho ho, it's the holidays and the time of overeating is upon us! Here are some simple tips to manage compulsive eating in this time of excess.

According to Deepak Chopra in Ageless Body, Timeless Mind, the healthiest individuals who live the longest are not necessarily the thinnest people, but interestingly enough, folks who remain a consistent weight in their adulthood. Many of my clients, as well as myself, have experienced the effects of yoyo dieting, fad exercises, or the expense of some new miracle supplement. Sure, you lose weight - but usually it comes back, plus more.

Simply, your body will think you are starving, and as soon as possible and in the most insidious of ways, will pack on as much "stored fuel" ie fat in case their are lean times ahead. I am 50 years old, and in my adult life my weight has ranged from 98 to 170 pounds. Over the past four years I have lost 38 pounds. Weight management goes both ways - being too thin is dangerous to your heart and health just as much as obesity.

What are the mechanics of weight management? There are seven components:
  • Start with self-acceptance (EFT) - If you never gained or lost another pound in your life, could you love and accept your body? Change only begins once we truly accept where we are, in the present moment. Hypnosis can help with that acceptance.
  • Calories In - It really is about how much, when, and what you are eating, including empty calories like alcohol and how much water you take in. Hypnosis helps by changing "comfort eating" into healthier, more active habits.
  • Calories Out - We all hate exercise but love to feel strong and active. You need to watch out for getting bored in your workout routine. Always start with baby steps and avoid unrealistic goals, be reasonable. Hypnotherapy is effective for setting reasonable, achievable, and healthy routines.
  • Sleep - Deep relaxation is beneficial for all healing. People who sleep four to six hours a night do not lose weight. Not enough sleep contributes to cortisol retention, which translates directly into belly fat. Learning self-hypnosis will help you fall into a deep, easy, restful sleep where you can dream yourself back to your natural, genetically programmed weight.
  • Stress - Once again think "cortisols," when we're in fight or flight we release neurotransmitters that make the body store feul in case of danger. When you learn to de-stress, ie: get back into the parasympathetic response system through relaxation, it is easier to maintain your optimum weight. Learning a simple self hypnosis technique can help manage stress and emotional eating.
  • Genetics - Ancestry is a big part of our weight management. Honor your culture and work within your genetic blueprint. Love your parents, grandparents, and ancestors. Past life regressions can often create a feeling of oneness in the body.
  • Age - I am now in the joys of menopause. Who knew how much one's metabolism could change over time. Hypnosis can help regulate one's eating habits, daily activity, and sleep schedule in order to find balance and effectively age gracefully. Remember, fiber is our friend! "high-carbohydrate diet - but it is only effective if the carbohydrates that are consumed are from high-fibre, unprocessed sources".
Remember, the slower the change, the more real and long lasting the results, please call for your appointment or click on the "schedule now" button to start controlling your weight instead of letting your weight control you.