December 29, 2016

New Moon in Capricorn

New Moon in Capricorn today, sign of the Goat. Capricorn sees a mountain, climbs it, then sees another one. What are your ambitions? What valleys will you descend into in order to come out the top on the other side? The stars are here as your guide.

Light up the winter's darkest night with your own sweet soul, shining so bright. Take care of your body, your home, your garden. Sit in the sun every chance you can, and if you can't, get a sun lamp or at least halogen bulbs. Take St. John's Wort and extra Vitamin D if you feel the winter blue's, and allow yourself all the sleep and deep relaxation you need.

Even though we know to take nothing personally, we are persons who are experiencing very real frustrations. Take it out on your journal or your pillow, rather than your loved ones. Know that they are going through this too- what ritual can you do together to release the tension? Write down all of the year's disappointments and burn them together in a fire. Make way for the New Year by setting your intentions to work together in cooperation and harmony.

There is a big difference between being independent, codependent and interdependent. Sift out the acquaintances out from true friends. Hold onto the gold and make your New Year really shine!

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