March 28, 2017

New Moon in Aries

New Moon in Aries today, sign of the Ram. You may be feeling fiery & impatient deep at the core, but just like a dormant volcano provides a safe haven for years, focus on your friends and family to create a safe haven for the spring. There will be plenty of time to erupt into your smoldering phoenix self soon enough. 

This is your year to shine, my friend, so polish up your act, from head to toes. You are mystical and magical, beautiful beyond measure. Aries knows all about self care and self love. Show your smile this month.

After slogging through the emotional mud slide these last few months, we all reach dry, firm land and can take off running again. What will assist your self actualization? If you've been a follower, become a leader, & vice versa.

What are your new commitments for the coming summer? Take a moment to reflect upon your emotions, and tap into the moon's energy to fulfill all of your heartfelt ambitions. I believe in you!

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