March 15, 2017

Why do People use Hypnotherapy?

Dr. Kayla Garnet Rose
Since 1986 I have been reading the cards, charting the stars, leading people to their deepest and most heartfelt visions. I see tarot and astrology as a map, where my role is to be a guide, and people have free will and free choice to create direction in their lives. Yet people would stay stuck, at the crossroads, in their own emotional blocks or perceived limitations, which is how I came to be interested in hypnotherapy.

Hypnosis involves inviting a state of trance, a state of relaxed focused concentration, where one is more open to suggestion, particularly if they are your own suggestions. The solution always lies within, and my role is to facilitate my client discovering deep insights into their current situation, providing an opportunity for personal growth and change.

Psychotherapy is a wonderful tool, but can feel akin to taking a salt shaker and pouring it into your hand, examining every crystal, every traumatic or painful event, one by one, which can take years and years for the healing to occur. Hypnotherapy is chucking it over your shoulder, allowing for completion, closure, and willingness to stop perpetuating being a victim but to become one's own hero and best ally instead, to change one's inner critic to become one's inner coach instead.

My clients have ranged from seven year olds having nightmares to seventy year olds wanting to feel confident to pass their drivers test. A few other cases include:

  • A client trying to decide whether to leave their marriage of twenty years used polarity to discover a third solution to the dilemma
  • A pre surgery client who used hypnosis to harness their inner healer cut their recovery time by two thirds
  • An executive trying to decide whether to leave the company or find a new position did a shamanic journey to receive important messages from internal guides
  • A person with test anxiety who needed to upgrade their skills called upon their inner resources, specifically their fifth grade teacher and reinstated a joy of learning
  • A college student who had extreme anxiety after leaving their parents now has anchored the calm they feel with them in their own hands, so at any time they can feel reassured
  • A parent who was traumatized after witnessing their daughter's car getting hit, who wanted to change the "what if" mentality to "what is"
  • Another parent who was quitting smoking as they thought about death twenty times a day and felt guilty about their kids and was in extreme fear of getting cancer, who is now anchored and has a ritual to remind them of feeling deeply content
  • A being who was in touch with their own denial after their spouse entered rehab and has found a method to both contain and get rid of unwanted anger
  • An emergency professional who experienced claustrophobia and panic attacks during their recertification who visualized passing with flying colors
  • A firefighter who had experienced post traumatic stress after falling through a burning floor and discovered that fear was really their friend
  • An entity with anorexia who was learning how to take care and nourish themselves by being in touch with their inner council of beings
  • A client who was applying to go back to school for their masters who was dealing with procrastination and self sabotage, who has been using EFT for self acceptance
  • A person with the compulsion to pull out their eyebrows and eyelashes who reframed this habit to picking the strings of their guitar
  • A human who was getting off of anti depressants and was looking for natural methods to feel balanced and relaxed by learning breath work
  • A person who wanted to experience past life regressions even though this is against their religious beliefs, thinks this will help them find new love
  • A being who had been hospitalized for six months who wanted to learn pain management techniques in order to walk again

Whether you are going through a mid life crisis, Saturn return, feeling overly stressed or just reviewing what would make your life healthier and happier, hypnosis is a tool for you. All hypnosis is self hypnosis, and I will teach you techniques to feel calm, tranquil and relaxed; to change unwanted habits into healthier coping patterns, and give you the heartfelt encouragement and one on one coaching to create long term, personal successful solutions.

There is more information on my website, as well as frequently asked questions, and I now have self empowerment videos on Youtube including an introduction to hypnosis and a simple self hypnosis technique. Good clients for me is anyone ready to embrace change for a more peaceful existence by being willing to discover insights and live with more fullness. Call for your appointment today!