April 19, 2017

Using Hypnosis to Change Habits

Giving up coffee was one of the most difficult yet ultimately rewarding experiences in my life. While coffee is fine for some folks, I noticed it made me anxious and nervous, quite simply, contributed to my stress. In addition, it was contributing to some serious stomach problems. So I decided to stop doing something which had been a daily thing for me since I was twenty-one. I love coffee and even owned a cafe, at one point I drank more coffee each day than I care to remember. Still, I had to change the habit because it was impacting my health, so I decided to use hypnosis.

I attempted going cold-turkey before and couldn't do it, the headaches were awful. During a hypnosis session I realized I was attached to the morning ritual of making and drinking a hot beverage, so I could make the kinder, gentler choice of substituting coffee with tea. I weaned myself off of coffee over six weeks, gradually substituting green tea. I still use my coffee machine to make my tea water - old habits die hard - but definitely feel a lot calmer and on a more even keel.

What I love about hypnosis is that everyone has their own unique solution to their problem inside them, waiting to be discovered. This was mine, what is yours? What will you discover is your way to change negative habits and turn them into positive ones? Feel free to call, email, or schedule online if you want to use hypnosis to help you on your way.