May 25, 2017

New Moon in Gemini

New Moon in Gemini today, sign of the Twins. Inward, outward, up, down... feeling like a yo-yo this last month? Or maybe like a slingshot? Where do you find yourself fraternizing, and where do you find those identical to you? Both serve a purpose. Now is a great time to start a journal. Trust your self.

The New Moon in Gemini encourages communication and the disbursement of ideas, particularly over the Internet. What are you doing to feed your head?

Rather than creating soap opera for your mind to feel occupied, challenge yourself to try something completely different, humanitarian, and fun. Remember your connection to the earth, the stars and all that you consider to be divine.

Remember that there is strength in vulnerability. Do you feel like you've been tossed in a pot of boiling water, or you are ready to bust out of your shell? Self care is the best investment, so nourish your body, your skin, your hair, and then radiate.

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