June 14, 2017

Using Hypnosis for Attracting and Grounding

I had an insight this morning as I clipped my magnetic name tag to my sweater that I tend to put it on the right side. Today I put it on the left, closer to my heart, with the intention of what would I like to attract of course, but one thing I like about magnets is that they also stabilize, the clicking of the magnet to the steel backing means things are in place. Recently I went to Mount Shasta and bought a few sets of magnetized hematite. Hematite is excellent for grounding, clearing, purifying, and cleansing. I am particularly interested in using it for calming nervous energy.

Then I thought how magnets also repel - I encourage my clients to hold hematite magnets in order to both attract health and to repel disease. Magnets can be used to draw things out of your body. Yesterday I thought about "recharging" the hematite pieces, but really it is about "discharging" them. Stones will absorb energy, so cleansing them periodically increases their natural benefits. Bathing them in sea water is optimum, however epsom salts or kosher salts work fine. Other ways to dispel built up energy are putting your stones/magnets sunshine or moonlight (wanted to say moonshine there), or burying them in a plant container. Often I'll pop crystals in my potted plants to really "ground" the energy. Then next season I rotate them as one of my working tools.

While many people are familiar with the "law of attraction," they do not recognize that it is important to be grounded like an electric pole, letting the energy flow through you at your own pace and use what you need to light up your life rather than overloading and blowing a fuse.

As a holistic healer, I encourage all of my clients to look at various modalities, including gemstones, magnets, aromatherapy, Reiki, and hypnosis. For a personal consultation tailored to your specific needs, call, email, or schedule your appointment online now.