August 8, 2017

9 Tips for Mindful Liver Support

Whether you're trying to lose weight, drink less alcohol, or withdrawing from nicotine, it's useful to tonify your liver. The liver is the great filter from the blood stream, and being mindful in nourishing your liver has great health benefits. Here are 9 tips for mindful liver support:

  • Regular Deep Relaxation (daily, weekly) : self-hypnosis, meditation, visualization, reiki, etc. Helps to calm inflamation as anger is the emotion associated with the liver.

  • Check In with yourself: are you eating/drinking because you need a comfort moment? Are you hungry, angry, lonely, bored, or tired? What do you need? Healthy snack, hydration, company, play a game or a take nap?

  • Try Moderation: Are you eating/drinking mindlessly and out of habit, or can you do it in a mindful way which includes taking the time to savor, relish, enjoy, feel full and be satisfied.

  • Do a Daily Detox by switching from coffee to Dandy Blend for 6 weeks.
    • It tastes remarkably like a rich, full-bodied cup of coffee.
    • It is caffeine free, and has no acidity or bitterness.
    • It is made of water-soluble extracts of roasted roots of dandelion, chicory and beets, and the grains of barley and rye.
    • It contains no gluten.
    • There are no headaches or other withdrawal symptoms when switching from coffee to Dandy Blend.

  • Curb Alcohol Cravings by taking Kudzu and/or Angelica (Dong Quai) supplements. Note: may take 2-3 weeks for effect. Nux Vomica is a homeopathic remedy which may also help reduce urges and hangovers.

  • Cleanse your system with Milk Thistle supplements. Artichokes are another yummy way to tonify your liver.

  • Support your system: Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Vitamin B1, and Folic Acid can be added to your regime for healthy blood and immune systems.

  • Drink Water: no ice – you’ll drink more; same with using a straw. When you urinate, consciously let go of whatever has been pissing you off lately. Same when you defecate – say out loud, “I now release all this old crap.” Notice that as you release the accumulated emotional and physical toxins, the sense of well being and serenity that permeates your body.

  • Walk It Off: Just 15 minutes of activity can release oxygen into the bloodstream creating those feel good feelings of being back on track and in control.

This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any physical or psychological ailment or disease, and should not be used in place of treatment by a licensed physician or accredited mental health professional.

Kayla Garnet Rose, PhD *  Tools for Transformation *

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