September 8, 2017

Gratitude Board

Many folks are familiar with Vision Boards - creating a visual representation of goals, dreams, and desires - often through collage, and meditating upon it a daily or regular basis as a means of reflection, affirmation, and inspiration.

Also, most are familiar with the benefits of maintaining a gratitude journal - writing on a regular basis things that one is thankful for, appreciative of, or willing to celebrate, may it be as simple as celebrating the sunrise.

A Gratitude Board is a combination of what one is grateful for and tokens of gratitude from others in your life, may that be thank you cards, holiday cards, gift tags, awards, recommendations, reviews, testimonials, love notes, etc. When I see my gratitude board I am reminded of all the people that I have helped, and all the people who were helpful to me in the process. Have fun creating your own Gratitude Board, and feel in touch with the abundant blessings in your life.

Blessed Be.