October 23, 2017

Keys to Success Ritual

Find two keys that have meaning to you. They might be your house keys, car keys, keys to your workplace, or a beautiful antique that you found at the flea market. Maybe it's an old key that you've been hanging onto for years, or has been lying around in the junk drawer, and maybe you don't even know what it goes to anymore, but just go ahead and bring these two keys together with this particular intention particular purpose (and yes, it's okay to make duplicates or use blank keys from the hardware store). 

For the next two weeks (preferably New Moon to Full Moon) keep these two keys underneath your pillow. Every time you go to bed at night hold them in your hands, put them in your armpits, squeeze them between your legs -  anything to really Infuse these keys with your deepest desires, your most heartfelt intentions. Alternatively, wear the keys on a red ribbon around your neck, long enough so they touch your heart chakra. Make a list (in your journal, book of shadows, or a beautiful notecard or piece of stationery) of what is key in your life, i.e., what you truly value on a heartfelt level.

Notice that keys have the capacity to both lock and to unlock. Knowing you are holding the keys to success in your hands, make a list of what you are unlocking/welcoming in/opening up to, on all layers - physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Then make another list, of all the loose ends that need to be tied up, any old business/relationships, any closures. Keys can also represent safety, security, etc. What do keys mean to you? The key to success? The key to your heart? Play around in your journal and discover unlocking your own inner secrets.

After 2 weeks (preferably on the Full Moon) take one of the keys and bury it at a crossroads. This could be any intersection: two streets, two paths, a place in your garden, anywhere that you feel there is a sense of multiple opportunities, different steps that could be taken. Bury the key as deep as you want, whatever feels right, notice putting metal into the earth - an act of grounding, like a lightning rod attracting energy to that spot. Visualize of what you want to attract: clients, health, friends, success, love, support, empowerment, right livelihood? Grounding metal into the Earth is a way of establishing a solid feeling of channeling momentum into something that is constructive and productive, like putting in a tent stake and knowing you've taken the steps to protect yourself.

Then, in that particular location, simply notice all of the traffic - cars, pedestrians, or if it is buried out in nature could be ants, deer, the wind - whatever keeps crossing that particular path. Set the intention that any being or energy crossing over the key or near the key is both bringing you all of what you wrote down on your lists. Thus at the crossroads you're bringing in people/energy who will benefit from what you have to offer and you're also releasing those who have been deeply satisfied by your gifts and are happy with your work. 

Every time you go by this particular place (which is why it's good to have it pretty close by to your current home or work space) you can keep affirming happy people seeking you out and happy people referring to you. Then on the New Moon or Full Moon you can also bless that place or wherever you have the second key. 

What to do with the second key? Well, you can bury it in your own garden, put it in a medicine pouch, keep it on the ribbon around your neck , or keep it on your keychain - whatever is right for you. You are creating an energetic resonance between the crossroads and the key that you are holding onto in order to remind your Consciousness that you are in control, you have the key to success in your and you also recognize the key to success is interacting with other people/energy. 

A few years ago, when I learned this ritual up in the mountains, I was blessed to have received two antique keys, one of which I buried at a main cross walk by a church knowing it was Holy Ground.  Every time I go by that place I visualize in my mind the same key which is now hanging in my front window, which in terms of feng shui translates to life path and career. I recognize I have been a helpful person (see helpful people boxes) and I'm inviting in more people who could benefit from what it is I have to offer. This is a win-win situation, which I consider key to personal success.

I hope this is fun, feel free to share your lists with me, and I'll infuse them with good energy. Blessings on this New Moon!


Kayla Garnet Rose, PH.D.
(831) 435-5182