October 15, 2018

The Amulet

Imagine for a moment you are wearing a powerful amulet, a talisman so personal, so potent, you feel infused by it's presence on your body. You can feel it hanging, balanced and polished, the perfect weight - never a burden, always a joy. 

It might be nestled at your throat,  between collarbones, maybe even deeper, sternum or solar plexus. Notice if it is on a silk ribbon, leather cord, fine silver or sturdy link chain. As you are aware, take in the colors, the textures, even the slight sounds it might make, a particular taste in the mouth. 

Clasp it in your hands, allow palms and fingers to explore shape and form, textures and contrasts. Here might be the flintness of stone set in the softest if leather, imagine tiger's eye set in a resin of goldstone, offset by the craft of carefully cradling the preciousness within. Even the encasing is fused with meaning, a harmonious combination of sacred geometry, whether as precise as a merkaba or as organic as a lotus blossom, spiraling out  into the golden moment.

This is your talisman, your mojo, your power piece. It can never be taken away, because it is deep.in your mind. It can always be enhanced, buffing away any tarnish, strengthening any weak links. Wear it well, wear it with proper pride, your sacred medicine, the amulet inside.

Blessed Be.