February 13, 2019

Empty Cup

This morning as I started together ready to go on a four day retreat up in the Russian River area, I cleaned my office. As they say, nothing gets us more productive than the last minute. I had already cleaned the crystal water glasses I have for my 3 clients a day- 3 of cups, in the tarot, mental anguish resulting in emotional distress, the traditional image of a heart stabbed through with three swords.

But now I took a moment to polish my own glass. Crystal, yes, but different from the others, larger to start - I drink a lot of water during sessions. 4 of cups in the Tarot, overcoming sorrow after grief, a card I identify with as the wounded healer.

There is a tradition in Japan where each night one drinks a glass of water, then puts it face down to indicate, "I am done, everything is complete, I could die at peace tonight." Then, in the morning, hooray! You wake up alive, fill that cup again, and start a brand new day.

So I flipped my cup over. I was done. I was ready. New moon in Scorpio, let me be transformed and begin anew. That was the unexpected gift in the bowl, a giggle from Coyote, a long look in the mirror, a decision to change my story, a decision made long ago now ready to be acted upon. A feeling of peace, a calm anticipation, a reason to get up in the morning as well as reassurance in my mind in the night.

Blessed Be.