April 26, 2019

Good Day for a Buddha

We were very sorry to read this on Nextdoor.com:

Stolen Buddha, a new low point for Santa Cruz.

Last night our business, The Garden Company on Mission Street, was burglarized. Our beloved Buddha, store mascot for 20 years, was the most notable item stolen. Let me know if you see it around town. I have reported this information to the police.

Here's a picture of their stolen Buddha on the right.

So yesterday afternoon we went over to buy a Buddha of our own. 

Several other customers were also there to support our favorite local garden store. 

Maybe we can start a Buddha-a-thon. If you feel so moved, please go to the Garden Company at 2218 Mission St, Santa Cruz, and give a Buddha a good home today.

Coincidentally, I pulled this card form the Morgan's Tarot that morning. Part of the text reads,
 "The inspiration for this card was a three-year-old child's response to a question about what he would like to model out of the clay he's been given." 

Have you made a Buddha today?