April 18, 2019

Growing Pains

Pull on that cashmere sweater,
Sure could fit much better.
Same with the velvet pants,
They won't take me to any dance.

Buttons that no longer close,
Runs in old pantyhose.
Favorite shirts, all worn or stained,
Floral skirts, tight and strained.

Not a moments guilt, no hesitation,
Throw them in the box for donation.
They served me once, maybe twice,
On someone else they'll look real nice.

Empty hangers, potential space,
No longer interested in being just a pretty face,
But really comfortable in my skin,
Not just because once I was thin.

Clearing the closets, shelf by shelf,
Finally I have outgrown judging myself.
Soon I'll go on a shopping spree,
And discover just what really suits me.

Blessed be.