June 12, 2019

Kayla's Brief Rule

Kayla's Brief Rule
Adapted from St. Romuald’s Brief Rule

Dwell each moment as if in paradise. Know that you have nothing to do right now, but simply this. Let your thoughts drift by like clouds in the sky. Know that even as you pause, you are still on your path.

When you come to the crossroads, take a moment to listen to your heart, and to gather up more information before continuing on your journey. Realize there are no wrong decisions, only life lessons. Be assured of your choices.

Allow yourself to be guided, and you will be provided. Be open to receiving. Be willing to give. Await with certainty and allow life to carry you. Be content with the simple grace of this moment.

Blessed Be.

June 6, 2019
New Camaldoli Monastery, Lucia, CA