August 5, 2019

Self Blessing Ritual

Self Blessing Ritual 

Too Blessed to be stressed 
Too anointed to be disappointed - Unknown

 Anoint yourself each day with this simple ritual. You can use essential oils, perfume, holy water, or just tap your fingers on the points if you prefer to not use any scents. You don’t need much, a little goes a long way. During the day you might catch little whiffs which will remind you of starting the day feeling clear in your intentions.

 Please do consult your doctor first for any allergies, or do a skin patch test. Remember, less is more.

 Start by placing just a couple of drops on your fingertip, and begin by tapping each of these spots using these affirmations:

Crown of Head: I am balanced in my mind. I am focused and engaged in creative and productive ways.

Third Eye: I am balanced in my vision. I allow myself to dream and I follow through on my best ideas.

Behind the Ears and Bottom of the Throat: I am balanced in my communication. I listen attentively and I speak my truth compassionately.

Along the Sternum: I am balanced in my heart. I am here to give love and I am here to receive love.

Solar Plexus: I am balanced in my power. I am here to empower others and I am empowered by everything.

Top of Belly: I am balanced in my belly. I take in what I need to be healthy and I let go of what no longer serves me.

Bottom of Belly/top of pubic area (do not put essential oils in or on vagina!): I am balanced at the root of my being. I attract what I need and all my desires are fulfilled.

Behind the Knees: I am balanced in my bones. I have structure and I am flexible.

Around the Ankles: I am balanced on my path. I am grounded and centered. I know what steps to take.

Back of the Neck: I am balanced in my sense of security. I am safe. I am protected.

Lower Back: I am balanced in my boundaries. I know where I begin and where I end. I know my limits.

Each Wrist: I am balanced in my needs. I am willing to give and I am willing to receive.

Blessed Be.