Astrology Readings

  • Curious about what secrets your chart could reveal? Ready to acknowledge your gifts?
  • Feeling stuck at the crossroads of life? Wondering about what road you should take next?
  • Contemplating a change in your career, relationship, or lifestyle? Interested to see who is on your life's journey?
An astrology reading has much to tell you..
Astrology as Your Personal Map

As Above, So Below

    Now is the time to stop and gather more information before moving ahead. Astrology readings are a way for you to take a moment to consult your maps and guides, tapping into the celestial tides to ease your life's journey. Astrology tools for transformation include:
    • Birth charts
    • Relationship charts
    • Current transits
    • Experiential Astrology

    Astrology Readings with Kayla Garnet Rose, PhD

    • Initial astrology readings are usually birth chart readings. Your session will include a 24-30 page report as well as your chart, suitable for framing. The entire session can be digitally recorded. For the best, most accurate astrology reading you will need to know your birth time, as the rising sign shifts every couple of hours, although sunrise charts offer a wealth of information as well.  

    • Follow up readings can be used to learn more about your own planetary workings, and how to make these energies work best for you, in all aspects of your life, whether self, health, money, communication, home, children, creativity, job. pets, relationships, sex, death, higher learning, education, career, community or more spiritual quests.

    • Transit readings chart the motion of the planets today and how they activate different areas of your life. Also useful when planning an event, such as a wedding, opening a business or major move.

    • Couples/Relationship readings show the potential dynamics between each other's planets, and what each person activates in the other, be it harmony or perceived obstacles. 

    • Experiential astrology sessions combine hypnosis with your chart's personal mythology in order to call upon a council of inner and outer resources to support your current life situation and any changes that would be beneficial to you at this time.

    Yelp Review: Kayla did wonders with my daughter in college who was going through some difficult times.  She was impressed with Kayla's knowledge and comfortable rapport. To her Kayla is a "wise woman".- Vicki B., Santa Cruz, CA

    Astrology Lessons
    • Basic Astrology:
    Sun, Moon and Rising Signs
    3 sixty minute sessions devoted to understanding and interpreting your soul's purpose, basic needs and wakening consciousness.

    • Beginners Astrology:
    10 sixty minute session course is an introduction to learning how to read the birth chart.
    Topics include:
    • The 12 signs of the Zodiac
    • The Planet and Asteroids, Myths and Meaning
    • The Houses and their importance
    • Understanding Aspects

    • Advanced Astrology:
    10 session course designed to delve further into the birth chart, as well as cover
    • Transits and Forecasts
    • Major Life Cycles
    • Relationship and Synastry Charts

    Know someone who would enjoy an astrology reading?
    Gift Certificates are available! Perfect for weddings, births, birthdays, anniversaries, 
    and Valentine's day!

    Yelp Review:  In addition to her skills in Astrology, of which I have direct knowledge and which are very impressive, Kayla is an excellent consultant... She is a good teacher; she empowers her clients to do it themselves (or she is available to do the work for you if you want her to), and she has a great sense of humor and makes it FUN. Kayla sees the depth and breadth of possibilities... Dr. Elizabeth Quinn, Santa Cruz, CA

    Consultation fees:
    • Individual 90 minute sessions $125
    • Individual 60 minute sessions, $95 (Students/Seniors $85)
    • Individual 30 minute sessions, $60

    • Prepay 3 regular sessions for $270 (save $15)
    • Prepay 5 sessions for $425 (save $50)
    • Prepay 10 sessions for $795 (save $155)

    Consultation Fees
    Fees are good for any service.